Fashion X AI 2022-2023: Touring Exhibitions

The upcoming touring exhibitions feature a series of the latest AI x fashion exhibits, including AiDA and fashion show outfits. The public will be able to interact with the exhibits, thus giving a first taste of the fashion industry’s future. The exhibitions will be held in physical format at The Mills, Hong Kong (February 2023), Hong Kong Science Park (July 2023) and The Mills, London (Fall 2023).

The Mills, Hong Kong
Date: 13 February 2023 – 26 February 2023
Venue: The Mills, Hong Kong
Admission: Free

Hong Kong Science Park
Date: 27 June 2023 – 8 July 2023
Venue: Hong Kong Science Park Atrium Link
Admission: Free

The Mills, London
Date: Fall 2023
Venue: The Mills, London
Admission: Free

About Fashion X AI: 2022 -2023 International Salon

Fashion X AI: 2022 – 2023 International Salon sets out to act as a platform to empower the industry, academia, community, young talents and the public via knowledge exchange, active discourse, and cross-sector collaborations to utilise AI in all facets of the fashion industry. The program will take place for over 18 months through a series of exciting activities including fashion show & forum, fashion mentorship, international symposium, touring exhibitions, workshops, and online courses.

Visit the program website for more details!