User Stories

INJURY from Australia

Regarding the user experience of AiDA, we would like to use five keywords to describe, which are “Surprise” “Easy”, “Unlimited”, “Automatic” and “Fast”.

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BESFXXK from Korea

Those keywords that come to my mind when describing the systems are “Safe”, “Fast”, “Friendly”, “Smart” and “Futuristic”

Mountain Yam from Hong Kong

The process is “Simple and user-friendly”, and the system is “Efficient”, “Fruitful”, “Innovative” and “Solidarity”.

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Irene Siu

The concept of AiDA has many potential applications in the fashion industry, which are still waiting for us to discover and develop.

Joyce Chow

AiDA lets the fashion industry go into a new generation. A successful AiDA can help to push – eco-friendliness, which is one of the most crucial worldwide topics in the fashion industry.

Cheryl Ho

Apart from providing new elements to inform my design process, AiDA also inspires me by offering much more variety of proportions and outfit combinations.

Minna & Polam

AiDA helps us mix and match each item and generate colours so we can quickly see what it will look like – all items match together, and the effects come with different colours and patterns. It also assists us at the design development stage by learning our style and taste.