AI-based interactive Design Assistant for Fashion

AiDA, a first-to-market technology that empowers fashion designers, based on their creative inspirations, to work with AI to create original designs. With just a few clicks, designers can choose or refine options to develop fashion collections, bringing agility, efficiency and flexibility to conventional and intensive studio processes.

Annual subscription fee: $5,000 HKD / Year (Tax, VAT not included)
Special price for Corporate account

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Key Features

  • Automatically generates designs for both single fashion items and collections based on designers’ creative inspirations
  • Generates unlimited design proposals and sparks creativity
  • To facilitate the signature design elements of particular fashion brands can be realised in the new designs
  • Speeds up time to market, user-friendly and intuitive

Benefits to Industry

Provides speedy ideation for fashion brands and individual designers

Speeds up the whole fashion design process to strive for the goal of sustainability and cost-saving

Allows fashion novices who do not have drawing or sketching skills to create their own designs in a simple and easy mode


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$5,000HKD / Year
  • Tax, VAT not included.


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